Natural Breast Enhancement : the Optimum Prescription

Most of the current breast enhancement products promise anywhere to ‘definite improvement in firmness’ to ‘within 1-3 months time’ a gain of at least one cup. All use some type of phyto-estrogenic derivative in varying ratios and other fillers. Although, the range of raw materials used (commonly red clover, fenugreek, fennel, and others) have shown historically, tribally, and scientifically to stimulate breast growth, it may not be valid for most of their costumers.

We feel that the key to natural breast enlargement success is correctly simulating the woman’s system with the correct natural breast enhancing herbs, a supporting food habit and also some physical massage to reap the full benefit of natural breast enhancement products.Accordingly we suggest the following methods together to achieve your desired size and it is found that those who followed our combination have got significant improvement. Continue reading

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How to Control the G-Spot; Discover the Most Amazing Orgasms of your Life

The infamous g spot. Full of history and commonly known as the mysterious and elusive phenomena which delivers the most intense orgasm known to women, the g spot is
nothing short of amazing, and it’s not as complex or as hard to find as you may believe. The g spot is actually quite easy to find if you know what you’re looking for. Find it and you will give your partner an unforgettable experience of immense sexual pleasure. Pleasuring a women g spot can be the key to an amazing sexual relationship. Continue reading

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What are the Dangers Anal Sex

Anal sex is practiced in our sexual lives as much as the vaginal sex. Anus is one of the primary erogenous zones in a human being. It can elicit arousal once touched or stimulated. It is becoming a popular sexual preference among lesbians, bisexuals and homosexuals too since the male hot spot is believed to be just next to the rectal wall below the blunder in men. The prostate gland in men makes anal play very common among guys. It is not dangerous but like any form of sex, safety precaution need to be taken. Anal sex can be carried out using fingers, sex toys or the natural penis. Continue reading

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How to Know if You’re Pregnant – Five Symptoms

The thought of being pregnant may give you a feeling of elation or it may fill you with dread. Either way, if you truly are pregnant, most women want to know that information as soon as possible. Because if you are pregnant, it means that for better or worse, your life is about to change. So what are the early symptoms of a pregnancy? How can a woman tell early on if she’s pregnant?

Pregnancy symptoms differ from woman to woman. Some women experience symptoms of pregnancy within as little time as a week of conception. Others experience no pregnancy symptoms at all until they begin to show the “baby bump.” Still others may experience different pregnancy symptoms when pregnant with different children. Continue reading

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Learn to experience your sexuality without fear

This may be a difficult subject for some people. Many of us have been taught to be ashamed or embarrassed by our sexual feelings and find ourselves wasting a lot of energy denying, repressing and feeling guilty about them. To be a healthy, complete person we must learn to experience our sexuality without fear and accept it as a beautiful part of ourselves worth celebrating.Let go of any shame and embarrassment from archaic social standards that are connected with loving yourself.

Masturbating can help us to learn about our bodies and we can teach ourselves how to respond sexually. We can love ourselves alone or masturbate mutually with a lover. It is very erotic to watch your love become sexually aroused and vice versa. Self-stimulation helps to relieve sexual tension and therefore helps you fall asleep easier. Repressing your sexuality is unhealthy so masturbating gives us a way to feel pleasure that is self-sufficient and under our control. It provides an outlet for people who are without a lover and is excellent training for learning how to achieve an orgasm. It can enable a partner to have an orgasm when the stimulation through intercourse is insufficient. Masturbation can even help to relieve menstrual cramps. Continue reading

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Omega 6 Oil Critical to a Healthy Body

The University of Illinois scientists have learned that a specific omega-6 fatty acid may be critical to maintaining skin health.”

In experiments with mice, we knocked out a gene responsible for an enzyme that helps the body to make arachidonic acid. Without arachidonic acid, the mice developed severe ulcerative dermatitis. The animals were very itchy, they scratched themselves continuously, and they developed a lot of bleeding sores,” said Manabu Nakamura, a U of I associate professor of food science and human nutrition.

When arachidonic acid was added to the animals’ diet, the itching went away, he said.Nakamura’s team has been focusing on understanding the function of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, and doctoral student Chad Stroud developed a mouse model to help them understand the physiological roles of these fats. By knocking out genes, they can create deficiencies of certain fats and learn about their functions.”Knocking out a gene that enables the body to make the delta-6-desaturase enzyme has led to some surprising discoveries. In this instance, we learned that arachidonic acid is essential for healthy skin function. This new understanding may have implications for treating the flaky, itchy skin that sometimes develops without an attributable cause in infants,” he said. Continue reading

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