What are the Dangers Anal Sex

Anal sex is practiced in our sexual lives as much as the vaginal sex. Anus is one of the primary erogenous zones in a human being. It can elicit arousal once touched or stimulated. It is becoming a popular sexual preference among lesbians, bisexuals and homosexuals too since the male hot spot is believed to be just next to the rectal wall below the blunder in men. The prostate gland in men makes anal play very common among guys. It is not dangerous but like any form of sex, safety precaution need to be taken. Anal sex can be carried out using fingers, sex toys or the natural penis.

The rectum unlike the vagina has no natural sexual lubricants. The vagina is the primary sexual organ therefore has juices which enable the penis to move smoothly and give both parties the most desired pleasure. When there are no this juices, sex might be painful. To perform safe anal sex use enough lubricants. If you choose to use a condom , it should be a well lubricated brand. Dry anal sex can tear the rectal wall and this exposes the body to dangerous infections. This why it is advisable to always use latex glove on your hand and a condom to reduce the risk of infections. HIV Aids and other sexually transmitted diseases can easily spread through anal sex. Take enough care to have pleasure with no side effects.

The anus harbor bacteria that can cause dangerous illnesses. The reason as to why you wash your hands after you visit the toilet. If you carelessly carryout anal sex you can be easily subject yourself and your partner to diseases like typhoid, cholera and other deadly diseases. You should be keen to shower after anal play to keep your penis off the bacteria even if you used a condom. Incase you use a sex toy, you should as well clean it with a disinfectant soap. Whatever you do you should never allow anal bacteria to enter the vagina. This causes vaginal infections which will start as an endless, irritating itch and then get worse. I am sure you do not want the agony of having to treat an infection.

To maintain safe anal sex, you should be aware that the rectum has no end unlike the vagina. It is meant to be a continuous digestive system. So if you are using things like test tubes, carrots they might as well get lost up there. Do not push these things too far in search of a deeper erogenous zone. It is important to use a convenient tool like trusted sex toys for lesbians and off course the most natural penis.


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  1. shekhar1066 says:

    i agree with that…very well said..one should use lubricants which should not get easily dried..and bring a good fun in sex…

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